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What the new travel restrictions mean for your state

What the new travel restrictions mean for your state

As restrictions are easing across the country, travel dreams have been reignited. A simple weekend escape can make all the difference for caravanning, camping and travel lovers. With all the news circulating about which restrictions are being lifted across the country, it can be difficult to pinpoint what can be done in your state. Caravanning Australia have made it easier for you by putting together this list of what travelling can be undertaken in your home state:


While travelling restriction remain quite tight, Queenslanders have been given the green light, as of May 15, to venture out 150 kilometres from their homes, or 500 kilometres when residing in outback regions. Predicted to begin on June 12, step two will allow for travel up to a maximum of 250 kilometres away from homes, which will ultimately allow camping and caravan parks to reopen, as. Head over to the Queensland section of our blog to start brainstorming places to visit!

Northern Territory:

Due to a low number of infections in comparison to the rest of the country, the Northern Territory has begun reducing their restrictions. As of May 1, residents are allowed to visit reserves, parks and campgrounds, as long as travellers are healthy. Interstate travel, much like the rest of the country, is still at a pause and will be implemented in the final step. If you’re looking for new places to explore across the Northern Territory, visit our blog for ideas!

Western Australia:

Western Australia experienced some of the harshest intrastate travelling restrictions of our nation. With regional travel restrictions being reduced from 13 borders to four as of May 18, Western Australian residents may find this confusing. The four borders are:

  • Travel between the South-West, Great Southern, Wheatbelt, Perth and Peel regions.
  • Movement between Mid-West, Gascoyne and Pilbara region (excludes biosecurity regions).
  • Travel between Goldfields-Esperance region (also excludes biosecurity regions).
  • Travel within the Kimberley local government areas.

Head over to our Western Australia blog, to uncover some places to visit along the way.

South Australia:

The South Australian government is encouraging intrastate travel across the state, as of May 11. Campgrounds, caravan parks and reserves are reopening and simply state that gatherings must be kept to 10 people or less, to abide by social distancing rules. Head over to our South Australian section of our blog, for some inspiration!


Although it isn’t clear when intrastate travel will resume, Victorians have been given the green light to resume fishing and hiking in the state. Day trips are permitted – you can find some inspiration in the Victoria section of our blog.


As of May 11, Tasmanians are able to visit national parks and reserves that are within 30 kilometres of their homes for exercising purposes. As of June 15, camping and overnight boating will be permitted for up to 20 people. These restrictions are tighter than some states but start your planning for travel by visiting the Tasmania section in our blog!

New South Wales:

Just like Victoria, New South Wales has not yet been given the green light to travel across the state. Outdoor recreational activities up to groups of 10 have now been permitted, so talk to your friends and family and find some inspiration on our New South Wales/Australian Capital Territory section of our blog.

Australian Capital Territory:

Sadly, campgrounds and national parks still remain closed with no time frame given for reducing restrictions in the travel department. Head over to our New South Wales/Australian Capital Territory section of our blog to start brainstorming for when restrictions are lifted!

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