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What to do when your caravan overheats

What to do when your caravan overheats

In partnership with Caframo.

Even though the Sirocco II is made in Canada, it has been Australia’s top choice for caravan fans for years. As such, the company has met and built connections with dozens of caravan enthusiasts, families and Grey Nomads (they have a lot of caravanning wisdom to share). The makers of the Sirocco II, Caframo, reached out to its Aussie friends for a bit of information about the risks, prevention and steps to take if overheating occurs in your caravan. Sirocco II’s main goal is to keep you cool and out for longer, so Caframo takes your climate seriously. 

The summers in Australia are sensational, filled with long sunny days, salty hair and crystal-clear skies. And as the weather heats up, more and more holiday-makers, Grey Nomads, and caravan families are hearing the call of the ocean and hitting the road.

Overheating in your caravan can cause permanent and costly damage to your rig, result in severe time delays and might write off your vehicle altogether.

The SEEKR recommendation: Sirocco II Caravan Fan

If you are looking to summer-proof (and autumn-proof!) your van, you can’t look past the authentic Sirocco II fan from SEEKR by Caframo. This high-quality 12-volt and 24-volt fan has become legendary for providing cool relief, while minimising power consumption.

You and your passengers will love the fan’s many benefits, including:

  • 360-degree directional airflow for cooling relief wherever you are in your caravan
  • extremely low power draw of just 0.35 amps on 12 volts on its highest setting
  • reliability to power on for thousands of hours through demanding conditions
  • ‘whisper’ quiet functionality that makes sleeping in comfort an absolute dream.

Ask for Sirocco II fans to be installed in your RV, or find a stockist near you. Check it out.

If you’re someone that takes staying cool as seriously as we do at Caravanning Australia, you’ll appreciate the care and skilful product engineering behind the Sirocco II caravan fan. Check out this video to learn all the Sirocco II features. If you haven’t experienced the cooling of the Sirocco II fan in real life, see what your caravanning buddies have to say about it!

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