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What to pack for off-road caravanning

What to pack for off-road caravanning

Caravans and campers aren’t just taking to the roads these days; they are all about off-road, too! If you’re planning to include some off-road adventures in your next caravanning or camping trip, here are some things you might need to pack.

Navigation tech

In addition to electronic GPS units, always take a physical map of the areas you are travelling to. It’s a great idea to invest in a digital navigation system that covers on-road and off-road routes, with online and offline options.

Tyre repair kit

You’ll need to manage your tyres carefully when off-road, and repairing a puncture can get you moving again without using your last spare. Take a suitable repair kit that will plug the tyre and seal the hole, allowing you to pump it back up again for a temporary fix.

Vehicle recovery gear

You haven’t been off-roading until you’ve been bogged! So, make sure you have a snatch strap, a tow strap and D shackles for the occasion. You’ll also want to carry a long-handle shovel, an axe, heavy-duty gloves and maybe even sand tracks. Don’t overlook the obvious either – jumper leads, and jerry cans of fuel and water.

Second battery

A deep-cycle battery is essential, whether for reliable fridge operation or as an emergency starting battery. The ideal dual battery set-up uses two batteries with separate functions, so you’ll need an isolator or relay to do it properly. The most critical task is getting your engine started when you need it, so you should dedicate one battery to just that.

Backup power – solar and generator

Your vehicle alternator will likely be what charges your second battery, but you ideally want an alternative to this, as well. Solar panels and petrol-powered generators are good options, while serious power users may consider a battery management system for monitoring auxiliary batteries, and for incorporating AC/DC and solar power inputs.


When you’re truly off-road, your only external light source will be the moon. So, you’ll want spotlights for any after-dark driving, while some good LED lighting will come in handy around the campsite.

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