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Where to find Tasmania’s best views

Where to find Tasmania’s best views

Tasmania is home to some of the best views in the country.  The entire state is covered in national parks, nature reserves and natural wonders, with views that’ll have you reaching for your camera around every corner. With so many awe-inspiring views to feast your eyes on, we’ve narrowed down the list to our top three.

Wineglass Bay

There is no denying that the best view in the state is of Wineglass Bay. Located in the spectacular Freycinet National Park on Tasmania’s south-east coast, this extraordinary bay looks out to the Tasman Sea. The crystal clear waters sparkle in the sunlight and seem to stretch on forever – as you stand at the water’s edge you’ll feel like you’re at the edge of the earth.

While you’re more than welcome to simply wander its shores, visitors are also able to take a short plane ride with Freycinet Air to witness the spectacular view from above.

Cradle Mountain

Cradle Mountain in the state’s north-west is an unmissable experience. Cradle Mountain can be found in the World Heritage–listed Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park. The mountain gets its name from it’s curved peak, which looks like a goldmining cradle. As the sun sets over the peak, the waters of Lake St Clair sparkle in the fading sunlight. Follow the path along Lake St Clair or simply grab a seat at the Cradle Mountain Lodge and gaze out at this awe-inspiring view.

Mount Wellington

Hobart’s natural wonder, Mount Wellington, provides our final must-see Tasmanian view. You can see this mountain from pretty much anywhere in the city and at its peak you can see the whole of Hobart. Hike or drive to the top and you’ll be treated to a breathtaking view.

The city of Hobart stretches out to either side as you take in views of the River Derwent and you can even see Mount Direction peaking out from beneath the clouds. The cooler months are the perfect time to visit as its known to snow on the mountain’s higher peaks.

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