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Wild swimming spots in Victoria

Wild swimming spots in Victoria

There’s nothing better than finding a quiet little cove or tucked away swimming hole on a hot summer’s day. Sure, you could take a jump into a busy, chlorinated pool where you can see the bottom – but where’s the mystery or joy in that?

Vaughan Mineral Springs, Castlemaine Diggings National Heritage Park

In the southern portion of Castlemaine Diggings National Heritage Park, about 20 minutes from Castlemaine itself, you’ll find a river pool built across the Loddon River at Vaughan Mineral Springs. The pool itself is relatively long and mostly waist deep, reaching a depth of about two metres. Surrounded by bush, this is a great spot for viewing all sorts of wildlife, even as you float on your back.

Secret Beach, Mallacoota

Tucked away in the magical place that is Croajingolong National Park in the far east of the state, you’ll find this beach via a staircase on Betka Road in Mallacoota. This is only one of a number of wild and secluded beaches in the area, most of which are connected via the Mallacoota Coastal Walk, so you can easily fit in a few wild swims if you’re up for it.

A great swimming spot, with clean, white sand and numerous rock pools to explore, you’ll also find a sea cave here (only accessible at low tide). If you do visit, make sure to watch out for the rough rock overhead near the entrance of the cave.

Jebbs Pool, Lorne

Jebbs Pool offers shallow pools for cooling off, deeper water for a more strenuous swim and even a natural water slide, and it’s only a one-kilometre walk from the car park.

Seven kilometres south‑west of Lorne on the Great Ocean Road, you’ll find Cumberland River Holiday Park, where the trail leading you to Jebbs Pool begins. It’s a lovely camp site if you’d like to book a spot, but you can also park in the visitor’s parking area if you’d prefer. Follow the signs for the river walk, which will lead you along the mostly flat trail to the pool.

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Image: Vaughan Mineral Springs (C) Visit Victoria

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