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Winter gear guide

Winter gear guide

From the tropical dry season in Darwin to the almost sub-zero temperatures in Tassie, be prepared to tackle any road trip in Australia this winter with these must-have accessories.

Anti-flap kit

There’s nothing more annoying than an awning flapping about in the wind. Not only can the sound be irritating, but the movement and friction can also end up damaging your awning’s fabric. Thankfully, you can prevent awning damage with an anti-flap kit. The kits are typically easy to install, and will help to protect you from the harsh Aussie sun, as well as keep you dry during torrential downpours. In other words, you’ll sleep easy knowing that your awning can withstand winter’s unpredictable wet weather and summer’s scorching heat.

Water purifier

A portable water purifier is a must-have on the road, and should be part of any emergency kit. Australia’s unpredictable landscape can throw some gnarly things at us, so being prepared is essential. Water is a valuable life source, and is something that we all need to survive. Keeping a handheld, compact water purifier in your rig can come in extremely handy should anything unexpected occur – like your car breaking down in the middle of nowhere, or a strenuous hike taking a lot longer (and a lot more water) than you initially anticipated. Most compact water filters use advanced technology to help eliminate all potentially harmful substances in water, without the use of chemicals.

Digital projector

Winter’s temperamental weather is hardly a deterrent for eager outdoorsy types, but sometimes the rain can be a little too heavy (or the heat a little too much if you’re up north) for even the most enthusiastic caravanner and camper. Whether it’s a chilly evening spent rugged up beneath the awning, a rainy day, or even a blisteringly hot day, a digital projector can be a whole lot of fun. Simply hang up an old white sheet or large tablecloth to the side of your caravan, get comfy in your camp chair, and snack on some popcorn while you play your favourite comfort movies.

To read about more must-have accessories, grab a copy of the Winter 2023 edition of Caravanning Australia.

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