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Winter travel guide

Winter travel guide

Australia is known for its beautiful weather, but come winter, many parts of the country are anything but warm. Be prepared in these cooler months and don’t let the biting cold keep you from adventure.

This winter, we share with you our ultimate winter travel guide, featuring the essential items for any cold-weather adventure, as well as some tips and tricks to keep you snug on your travels.

Sleeping soundly

A great thing about tackling the challenging conditions of winter is that, these days, there is access to quality sleeping gear that doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg. The best thing to look for in a sleeping mat is insulation. A mat with foam, or even an off-ground air mattress, is ideal for keeping out the cold. Adding a blanket on top of your mattress is a handy trick, too, as this will insulate you against the cold winter ground.

Keep it clean

Be sure to always have your warmest clothing options clean and ready to wear by packing a portable wash bag on your trip. These wash bags are super light and compact, and they don’t require much water. Simply place your laundry in the bag, add some water and a drop of detergent, then fold and close the bag. Scrub the bag for a minute or two, then rinse your clothes and hang to dry. These bags come in a variety of styles, and they’re multipurpose, so when you don’t need one for laundry, you can use the bag to keep your clothes dry.

Limited space

The most important part of your wintry escape is getting back to nature, seeing spectacular landscapes and, of course, having fun. Don’t bog yourself down with extra clutter or unnecessary items – aim to pack the bare necessities. Packing lightweight layers preserves valuable space because they’re easy to roll up and are compact. This leaves you with more room for equipment, such as camping stoves, portable chargers, drink bottles and food. And don’t forget to pack your sleeping items! Whether you’re planning to travel on foot or in a vehicle, packing only necessary items will leave you feeling grateful. Your belongings will be easier to find, and this saves you precious time that can be spent fully enjoying yourself on your winter escape.

To read about more winter essentials, grab a copy of the Winter 2023 edition of Caravanning Australia.

Pictured: Hiking in the Grampians. Image courtesy of Parks Victoria

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