Your first road trip: Advice from seasoned travellers

Are you ready to get on the road and tackle your first caravanning journey? When planning your first road trip, advice from well-travelled voyagers is golden. Here are some of Caravanning Australia’s favourite contributors with their key advice for newcomers on the road.

Travelling with pets: @4xpaw_crew

‘Travelling Australia with dogs is becoming easier – and just as popular! We learnt on our recent lap that dog minding was the only way to visit those not so dog-friendly places and national parks.  When in town, jump on the local Facebook pages, MadPaws app or ask at the local info centre for dog minders in the area. Some Facebook groups are available to help connect fellow travellers to assist with pet minding (such as Travel Australia with dogs and Australian Caravanning/Camping Travelling with Dogs). Dogs are great company and are wonderful conversation starters that help you connect with those around you. You never know… you might make some forever mates like we did!’

Free camping: @justvanningit

‘We wish we’d known the benefits of free camping from the start of our journey. The freedom allows us to park next to rivers, on hilltops and beaches, and in the heart of the Australian bush. We no longer book sites in advance and it’s a huge budget saver.  We had to install an additional water tank, solar panels, and an inverter to allow us to park wherever we please.’

Gadgets: @thecruiserlife

‘You don’t need the biggest or best new gadgets under the sun to get out there and start exploring. Make do with whatever you have or go out and buy the basics to get you started. It’s not about what you do or don’t have, it’s about the experiences you have, the people you meet and the epic places you get to see along the way.’

Image courtesy of: iStock-92487755

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