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Your first road trip: Budgeting for a trip

Your first road trip: Budgeting for a trip

The next stop on the ‘Your first road trip’ series is an essential component – budgeting. While this may not seem as exciting as brainstorming locations to visit, budgeting correctly will help get you to these glorious destinations. Here are Caravanning Australia’s top tips on budgeting correctly for your first road trip:

Prioritise your trip

After reading ‘Your first road trip: How to plan’, you’re probably closer to deciding which of your dream destinations to visit. Once these have been decided, research various types of accommodation that fall in your budget. Campsites vary in price depending on the location and can even be free of charge. By doing in-depth research, you can avoid pricey accommodation options and assign your savings to activities or a holiday extension. Travelling during peak times can cause these prices to spike, so flexibility with dates is another bonus for saving.  

Preparing your vehicle

With the long distance your vehicle will be facing, preparation is key. Assess the oil and tire pressure to increase the longevity of your car or caravan. Along the way, avoid filling petrol along highways, as prices are higher. Certain toll roads are costly and if these roads need to be taken, pre-booking avoids fines that can add up. Car insurance is also a crucial component for preparing a safe trip. Accidents and car trouble can often be inevitable, so having the correct insurances in place can alleviate any unexpected costs that come up.

Food for fuel

Purchasing meals along the way can add up quite quickly, especially when there are a few mouths to feed. Purchasing groceries along the way can help to avoid these sneaky costs, as well as ensuring that enough snacks are at an arm’s reach while driving. Preparing snacks will help avoid craving overpriced items at petrol stations and pit stops. Another friendly tip would be to pack reusable water bottles, to cut costs and prevent constantly repurchasing bottled water. 

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