Your first road trip: How to plan

Welcome back to the second installment of Caravanning Australia’s ‘Your first road trip’ series. Head over to Part 1 to learn more about towing a caravan, which is essential to a safe journey. Going with the flow is a welcome pastime for seasoned travelers, but for first timers, planning your journey is the safer option!

Mapping it out

Create a list of all your bucket list destinations that have accumulated over the years – see if you can tick any off! If you need inspiration, check out Caravanning Australia’s past blog posts, broken down into each state and territory. Once you’ve decided upon the states, territories and destination to visit, start your background research. Locate any caravan parks or campgrounds in the area, read other travelers’ reviews and work out if these locations are suited to your trip.

Make a budget

Budgeting for the trip can accommodate for any unexpected expenses that arise – without following purchases along the journey, costs can accumulate over time. Assess the potential fuel intake in comparison to the kilometres predicted for travel and general supplies, as prices can skyrocket during holiday periods.

Be prepared

Not only should you be prepared for towing the caravan, your destinations and budgeting, first timers should be prepared for life on the road. Creating a set-up routine and bringing essential items can make life easier on the road. Make sure that your gas and water systems are working correctly and connect to power where applicable.

Be open to change

Having a concrete plan may suit travelers who usually have strict itineraries on their voyages. The beauty of caravanning lies in the hidden destinations that you discover along the way. Feel free to alter your plan if you discover a location that you want to spend more time in. That’s the beauty of caravanning – go at your own pace, you don’t have a flight to catch!

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