Your first road trip: Towing a caravan

With domestic travel gearing up and international trips placed on the back burner, now is the perfect time to start planning your Australian caravanning journey! Planning a caravanning trip can be daunting to begin with, and that’s why Caravanning Australia is here to help. Welcome to our newest blog series, ‘Your first road trip’, where the team will be sharing its top tips and tricks to make your next trip the best one yet!

Driving a caravan can be quite overwhelming – driving long distances and through the elements can be stressful, and this only gets worse with the added weight of a caravan or trailer. Here are some friendly tips to help calm any pre-trip nerves!

Preparation is key

Before embarking on your journey – whether it’s tackling the Big Lap or heading off on a shorter long-weekend trip – preparation is paramount. Creating a comprehensive safety checklist will provide a great reference point throughout the trip. Booking in a service to assess the durability of your vehicle is also highly recommended. Assess the maximum towing rate for your vehicle, located in the owner’s manual, as well as the tow ball rating. Key tip: When assessing the weight of your load, be sure to include the overall weight of fuel, passengers and belongings – this will also impact the stability of your vehicle.

Mirrors will be your best friend

Eliminate blind spots and boost your confidence when reversing with towing mirrors. These mirrors can be temporary, depending on the product purchased. Confidence in driving and reversing a caravan comes with practice and acquiring a towing mirror will allow for added ease in manoeuvring your van, especially for first-timers.

Without a hitch

When renting or purchasing a caravan, providers are able to instruct you on how to securely attach the caravan to your vehicle. Learning from professionals will be the safest way to ensure that issues, such as the caravan detaching from the vehicle, don’t arise. Safety chains should also be installed as a further precaution for support when towing.

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