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Your home away from home

Your home away from home

Whether you’re embarking on a Big Lap trip around Australia, or partaking in caravanning journeys intermittently throughout the year, making your caravan feel more homely has a plethora of benefits.

Doona covers and quilts

Nothing quite beats the feeling of being snuggled underneath your favourite doona. So, why not bring this to your caravan when you’re out on the road? To add to this, you can make sure the quilt cover is your favourite one – not only will it remind you of home, but also create that sense of homeliness whenever you use it.


Picking the right mattress for your caravan is vital. Having the perfect set-up around you to help you have a great night’s sleep will be for nothing if what you’re lying on just isn’t cutting it. There are a few different styles of mattress you can pick from, which helps narrow down what might suit you.

Kitchen utensils

Some kitchen utensils made for caravan use just don’t hit the spot like having your trusty frypan would – and that’s okay! Taking your favourite kitchen utensils on the road is definitely encouraged. While you can get away with taking plastic cutlery, sometimes making room for your beloved pots and pans is absolutely essential. Whether these have been passed down or the flavour hits differently when stirring with your favourite wooden spoon, having utensils that you would normally use at home is something we definitely encourage.

Framed photographs

Simple yet effective. Jazzing up your surroundings with photographs can create a homely atmosphere, and it’s really easy to do. The best thing about adding these to your caravans is that you can frame and display them in a way that makes your caravan feel like home. Using adhesive hooks to hang them is also a great strategy because if you need to move things around, they can easily come off and won’t leave any marks. Alternatively, you can laminate the photographs you want to be displayed and stick them on the wall with Blu Tack – easy to get off and it won’t damage the walls!

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